promo photo of Mari Crisler sitting on a couch



My name is Mari Crisler. I'm a "musician" and a "graphic designer" but my therapist tells me I have "imposter syndrome." I spend about half my time on the road with my bands, which gives me a lot of time to daydream. I want to use that traveling time more productively, so if you need a concert poster or an album cover or a merch design or a logo or a website mockup or some layout work, I'm all yours. Just email me.

Get to Know Me

SIGNS: Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Sag Rising

FAVORITE MOVIE: Paddington 2

FAVORITE ANIMAL: Bears (excluding pandas)

BIGGEST FEAR: Bears (including pandas) (excluding Paddington)

HATES: Professionalism

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: 2nd Place in 8th grade spelling bee

AESTHETIC: Dark academia breadmaker