EstroGym Site Mockup

Mockup of EstroGym desktop profile page Sample of Estrogym desktop homepage

From start to finish for my fictional women-only gym, I conducted UX interviews, competitive analyses, developed wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, brand guidelines, and presented my project in front of a panel.

Social Cinema Site Mockup

Mockup of the Social Cinema desktop homepage Mockup of the Social Cinema mobile homepage

This project was my first attempt at designing an entire webpage from scratch, similar to the page you're on now. I started with wireframes, moved to mockups and prototypes, and eventually coded the whole homepage. Visit the non-functional page here.

Shirt Designs


T-shirts are essentially free advertising. The design on the merch should represent the band and the type of music they make, and I do my best to make the design compatible.

Poster Designs

Mockup of a concert poster for Uh Oh's album release show Mockup of a concert poster for Death Cow's 2019 summer tour Mockup of a concert poster for a show with Perspective, a lovely hand to hold, thank you, i'm sorry, hail varsity, and funeral home

Concert posters are the best way to advertise a show, and they're an easy way to create an audience and a vibe for the show you're throwing.

Album Covers

Vinyl mockup of the album Good Morning by Uh Oh Vinyl mockup of the album Slow Drown by Death Cow

An album cover represents the entire collection of songs, and it has to represent the band, too. I designed these album covers through intense artistic collaboration that resulted in representative artwork.


Mockup of a spread from a DIY music publication brochure called You're Gonna Make It, Kid. Mockup of the front of a brochure for a fictional music festival called Those to Come. Mockup of the back of a brochure for a fictional music festival called Those to Come.

These publication projects were an exercise in layout, balance, and typography in an informational format.


Sample of type project for Little Women Sample of type project for the Great Gatsby Sample of type project for the Yellow Wallpaper Sample of type project for Bird Magazine

Typography is often overlooked, but I believe these samples show my skills in typography: pairing fonts, spacing and kerning type, and allowing ample negative space while catering each type treatment to the project's style.


Mockups of letterheads, business cards, bookmarks, and tote bags for the Ashland Public Library.

For this project, I created a new logo and brand guidelines for the Ashland Public Library in my hometown. The logo features symbols of wisdom through the image of the open book paired with an owl, while inciting creativity through rich color. (unofficial)


Information graphic titled Meat Your Maker discussing statistics on the environmental impact of meat consumption in America.

This design takes dense statistics and makes them quickly digestible, emphasizing the most important takeaways through easily guided visual motion.