Past Life

Debut EP out 2023

promo photo of Mari Crisler resting her head on a table

Getting off the ground in small town Nebraska isn't easy, but after ten years of playing in bands in the Midwest music scene, 23-year-old Mari Crisler (she/they) is finally coming into her own. While much of her earlier songwriting in bands such as The Way Out, Hail Varsity, and Death Cow dabbles in themes of love and growing up through the eyes of a hopeful teenager, Past Life offers a sobering lens. As the reality of adulthood shifts her perspective, the idea that anything is possible creates more anxiety than ambition. In this way, Crisler showcases her immense growth and vulnerability - every theme, musically and lyrically, is expressed with colorful complexity that awakens an astounding, resounding relatability within the listener about a feeling they may not have even known was there. Crisler's songwriting is a lesson in self-reflection, and how too much of it can be antagonizing.

Past Life is a coming out, a coming of age, and a coming to terms. Written entirely in the week-long period her grandfather was in hospice, the EP is impressionistic, raw, and exposed. It paints a vivid portrait of vague subjects through pessimism with a side of self-aware humor and ironic egotism, layering lyrics like "When we got home we laid side by side / Staring at the stars on your ceiling" on top of "I could turn the wheel / Just to see what it feels like." The nostalgic collection demonstrates a musical maturity with thundering dynamism that echoes into ephemeral, ethereal tranquility through creative compositions stitched together with shimmering, hard-hitting precision. In Protagonist, Crisler reaches and yearns for self-realization, and maybe one day she'll find it.


Past Life

Coming of Age Film


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The Way Out, Death Cow, Uh Oh, Hail Varsity, Social Cinema, Yasmin Nur